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Top 5 Benefits Of Softwashing A Roof

Roof cleaning

Plenty of companies offer pressure washing, but, surprisingly, many still don't deviate from this one way of cleaning - and thinking! Pressure washing has its place as a powerful approach to exterior surface cleaning. However, not all of your outdoor surfaces are as rugged as concrete or brick. And, to be honest, sometimes even materials like concrete or brick need something less abrasive than power washing if they're aged or in an otherwise compromised state.

Why Softwashing Is The Best Approach For Your Roof Cleaning

You schedule roof cleaning service and then ask the pressure washers if they'll use soft washing techniques for your rooftop. If they say no, it's time to rethink the company you've hired and get another industry expert to handle the job.

Softwashing is the best approach to use for roofing systems, especially asphalt shingles and other exterior surfaces. Here are some of the best benefits you can expect that make softwashing the preferred technique for roofing:

  • Protect your roof - While both softwashing and pressure washing methods are highly effective for exterior cleaning, the last thing you want to do is damage your roof in the process, which is why softwashing is safer for roofing materials.
  • Avoid water intrusion - The powerful blast from higher PSI used for standard power washing causes water to get under shingles. This water encroachment causes mildew, mold, and, eventually, rot.
  • Prevent costly repairs - A clean roof isn't that great if you need repairs as a result. Avoid roof damage by hiring a company that uses a safer approach to cleaning your rooftop.
  • Prolong the lifespan of your roof - Keeping your roof clean and preventing repair needs is an effective way to maximize your roof's longevity. Power washing your roof could end up shortening the lifespan.
  • Eradicate bacteria and algae - Softwashing relies on the power of eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning solutions to wash away dirt, grime, fungus, and more. However, these agents also help kill growth like bacteria and algae at a molecular level, so they don't immediately regrow, which is a complaint with standard power washing techniques.

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