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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By All Purpose Power & Softwash

As the #1 source of pressure washing in Aurora, we see and hear plenty of questions daily about the process of pressure washing. Below, you'll find some answers to a few of your most frequently asked pressure washing and soft washing questions.

We're proud to offer exceptional commercial pressure washing service at All Purpose Power & Softwash. Contact us for building washing, storefront washing, and more!

Professional pressure washers agree that you should invest in a professional house washing at least once every year. However, once a year might not be enough, depending on where your home is located. If you notice dirt, grime, or build-up on your home, it's a good idea to set up a professional house washing before a year has passed.

Despite the temptation to get your hands dirty as well as save a little bit of money, pressure washing is something that's better left to the trained professionals. Depending on the type of surface that needs pressure washing, understanding the right equipment, methods, water temperature, cleaning agents, and attachments required is crucial for a quality clean and avoidance of expensive damages.

Comparing risk versus reward, the investment you've made towards your property just isn't worth the chance of seriously harming it! Depend on the professional pressure washing team at All Purpose Power & Softwash for peace of mind and a quality shine.

We pride ourselves on taking vital steps to do our part to take care of the environment. Our practices minimize water waste and promote safer cleaning. Our proprietary blend of cleaning solutions is meant to leave your home clean while still being eco-friendly.


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